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Don’t you just love it when God blesses the second time around? Here’s the thing about blended families… God truly can take our hurts and mistakes from the past and bless them in the future if we let Him. This family has been blended together for 10 years now. Knowing Rob and Michelle personally, the hardships and celebrations and everything in between, I can tell you that there is hope and expectation in second chances.

What do now know about marriage that you didn’t when you got married?

“That you don’t need money to go on dates and show your love and be able to spend time together.”

If you could wish for anything for your future what would you wish for?

“More family vacations and more 1/1 trips.”

“Even living with tight means he still finds ways to say “Happy Birthday,’ ‘Happy Mother’s Day,’ and even ‘I know your having a rough day.'”



“I started the rock collection years ago right after Hayden was born, I think. I would just be walking and look down and happen to see it. It always happened to be when I was going through some sort of down time. Then when Rob left for basic training, I was taking the kids to school and crossing the street with Hayden and it was just there in the middle of the road. When I was able to speak to Rob again, I found out he also found one that day. And we both carried them around from then on.”

How fun that we would find a BIG heart rock in the middle of their session?? Ok… back to the interview.


What has been the biggest obstacle in your marriage to date?

“Still, sometimes, being a blended family because we can’t change the ways that some things are with our girls since we aren’t both each of their legal guardians.”

What is some advice you would give to newlyweds that might be in your exact same situation when you two my be in?

“I would say as a blended family you have to take your time in building the trust of the kids and also be patient with challenges that they face with the family change as well.”

Do you have any goals together for the next year?

“Do better at saving financially, being able to plan more regular family trips and definitely to keep to our regular date nights!”

     Your greatest dream you dream together?

“Live together in our beach house on the water!”



~What these two didn’t mention is their friendship and their fervent loyalty. I think it just comes so naturally to them they didn’t even think about it! I really have not seen much fighting from them in the 10 years they have been together. I think they do such a great job at keeping the boundaries of their marriage in that regard, because you know they fight, everyone does! But these guys don’t ever blast each other, even in the late night, private lamentations. Such a safe boundary for a blended family. God bless you two!
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