What exactly IS custom photography, how does it differ from other types and why would I want this?

Well I’ll tell you what custom photography is NOT. Custom photography is not sitting on a chair, completely bored and un-engaged, smiling the fake smile and then not having any real connection to the photos later on in the future. It is not about having the same family photos as everyone else. It is not a hobby, but instead a deep seeded passion with immense time, energy and creativity invested by yours truly.

When you choose to invest in custom photography, you are choosing the absolute best for your family’s memories. You will receive private consultation either via email or in person to plan your session, making it a beautiful combination of you and Twelve Stones Collective. I make YOU my priority and make sure to be available by txt or email at the very least should you need an urgent response.

What do we wear?

Great question! I’m sure you have noticed that with the 90’s being long gone, so also are troll dolls, the Spice Girls, Boy Meets World (although I would LOVE to bring THAT one back) and the ever so iconic all-white (or black)-t-shirt-and-jeans thing. In your custom photography package, you are not only encouraged but expected and FREE to show your personality through the choosing of your wardrobe and accessories.

Please feel free to be yourself and show your true colors (pun intended). For more info and ideas about color combos, think “Color Wheel”. Usually the best idea is to start with your living room color (weird right?) and then choose complimentary colors to that. Your living room is typically the place in your home you will spend the most time, decorate the most and pour the most of your energy into. This is also usually the place your photos will be displayed. With all of that said, NOW think about your colors…

As far as accessories go, DO IT! As much as accessories are a part of your daily expressions of yourself and your family, so will they be in your session. Chunky necklaces and other jewelry, crazy shoes (my faves are converse!) and matching superhero shirts are AWESOME! Figure out what speaks to you and your sweet family and go with it!

Where will the session take place?

I am an on-location photographer. This means… it’s up to you! I have plenty of fall back locations for us to use when in a bind but I love to visit new places, see new things and breathe new air. If you are so kind as to invite me to your home, I’m in! Maybe you love the history and lifestyle of the Urban setting like I do! Fantastic! Maybe the classics have a hold on your heart strings and you really just love the look and feel of the more natural settings (think trees, open fields, grass, country), that works too! This is one of those things we will talk about in your consultation 🙂

What can I expect during my session?

OH my Goodness! You are going to have such a good time! Part of that whole “custom” thing is how I approach my sessions. I am a chameleon, absolutely comfortable in any situation with any kind of people. I just love you. And love what we’re doing. And am just so honored to be a part of it all with you that somehow it doesn’t feel like a session at all. Somehow, God has given me a gift of making you feel like we’re just a couple of friends, hanging out, laughing at each other’s jokes… and I just happen to have a camera.

When will my images be ready to view… and how?

Along with everything listed above, custom photography also takes a lot of extra time behind the scenes. Because of this, you can expect your images to be ready for showing in about a week from session date. I will email you all the info you need to know to view your portraits!

How much will you edit my images?

Don’t even get me started on how absolutely perfect I think gray hair and wrinkles are! This doesn’t mean I don’t edit your images at all, but I do not use software that makes you look like something you most definitely are not. YOU are YOU. YOU are precious. My driving force in life revolves around LEGACY. Your future people are not going to appreciate an overly edited photo of you. I promise.

On that note, I use my skill and experience to make you look like the best version of you. I use considerable lighting and angle techniques to create those WOW factor portraits that brought you to me in the first place. Rest easy. You’re in good hands.

Can I share my images on social sites?

CAN you?? I encourage it! Please feel free to tag yourself on the photos that I share on my Facebook page. If you find an image in your gallery that you would also like to share, simply let me know and I will get you the properly proportioned digital for you to share and tag me in! All I ask is that you give credit where credit is due 😉

What if the weather isn’t cooperating?

We do live in Colorado, don’t we? We are known for having some of the world’s most unpredictable weather. Sometimes weather can be a very pretty part of your session, and sometimes it just makes for the grumpies. That’s why I like to stay flexible when it comes to weather (or sickness… or other “such is life” moments). I will absolutely work with you to find a better time… in the near future.